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The Scarcity of Voice Domains
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Why is Voice the Future?
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The Stakes are Higher in VEO than SEO 

Alex Farr

An estimated 13% of all two trillion Google searches in 2018 were by voice. 

Unlike on the web, users don’t get 10 blue links to browse through on voice search, they simply get a short answer read back to them. Though mobile voice assistant users will typically receive up to three results.  

That means search real estate is shrinking. 

The top 10 results simply don’t work when it comes to voice because browsing information without a screen isn’t as quick or as easy.  

When it comes to web, research reveals that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. Even if voice assistants did give users more results, it’s likely that 75% or more wouldn’t make it beyond the first one.  Voice users have less patience because they’re accustomed to having answers read to them in seconds. 


Competition in VEO is far more fierce than SEO for this reason. And with voice search in full swing, many brands could start to see their organic traffic dwindle. According to studies, the first organic search result on Google’s SERP gets up to 35.35% of clicks. So the other first page results on Google still share a sizable amount of web traffic.  

In VEO, however, if you’re not first, you're last.  

Nearly 24% of U.S. consumers are using voice search for product and brand-related queries right now. The risk to brands is whether their customers are able to find them on voice, and whether they’re able to respond if so. Check out 3 reasons why you need a voice strategy now and how to optimize your content for voice search 


One way organizations can ensure their customers are heard on voice and get an appropriate response is with branded Voice Apps. 

With the way voice algorithms currently work, you still need to market Voice Apps to make consumers aware of them - voice assistants don’t yet automatically revert to them for information. Until they do, marketing teams need to be thinking about how they can generate consumer awareness of a branded Voice App, because it’s the only way for them to create controlled customer experiences on voice.  

Protect your brand and provide users the right answers about your organization across voice assistants. Start by securing your voice domain. 

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